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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 29, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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minutes on the day michael jackson died taking phone calls and text messages with three women in his life and lies to the paramedics and hospital emergency room workers, the judge obviously didn't stand for that and didn't like any of his actions. >> randi, we're going to give the story to you as someone who covered it and continues with cnn newsroom this hour. >> thank you, suzanne, we'll pick it up from here with herman cain who is denying that he had a 13-year affair with an atlanta woman. but today he's admitting the prospect that his presidential bid may be doomed. he says ginger white is and acquaintance but white said they were much more than that, beginning in the late 1990s when cain headed the national restaurant association. unlike the women who accused cain of sexual harassment, white says her relationship with
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pretty simple and very inappropriate. cain told cnn's wolf blitzer he had no plans to exit the race but today he said he is quote, reassessing. wolf joins me live just moments from now. and moments ago in los angeles, conrad murray was sentenced to four years behind bars for the death of michael jackson, the maximum term and exactly what prosecutors war asking for. convicted of involuntary manslaughter forgiving jackson a anesthetic to sleep. the judge said murray is dangerous and completely without remorse. vice president biden in baghdad this hour. it's his eighth trip to iraq since taking office and almost certainly his last before u.s. forces pull out at the end of the month. he's due to meet with iraq's prime minister and president and commemorate the sacrifices and accomplishments of u.s. and iraqi troops. newt gingrich is planting
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his flag in the first southern state, that is south carolina. this is day two of a three-day visit by the latest front-runner and in a town hall event just getting started in bluffton, you can bet he'll be talking immigration. he was proposing what he calls a humane progression towards long-time immigrants to pay taxes. former penn state assistant football coach jersey sandusky hired a private investigator. sandus sandusky's lawyer says it he will try to prove the former coach was innocent. he's currently free on $100,000 bail. an hour from now in syracuse, the da will ask a judge to force police to hand over records from their noninvestigation of bernie fine in 2002 the former assistant men's basketball coach at syracuse university now accused
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by three men of sexual molestation dating back decades. in 2002, lease told one accuser the claims were too old to be acted on. today they are the subject of state and federal accusations in syracuse and police in pittsburgh are investigating an alleged incident there as well. there will be no immediate impact on flight schedules or passengers but the parent company of american airlines has filed for bankruptcy. a chapter 11 reorganization will allow the airline to cut costs. the gap between our cost structure and the rest of the industry had become too wide. and really not something we could sustain further. >> they have only recorded one quarterly profit since 2007. a decorated war hero is suing a defense contractor. meyer received the medal of honor for his service in
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afghanistan. earlier he took a job with bae systems. he claims his problems began after he opposed a plan to sell thermal imaging equipment to pakistan. meyers said he ended up quitting but a supervisor accused him of being mentally unstable and problem drinker. meyer claims the assertions blocked him from get ache job with another defense contractor. bae issued this statement to cnn, we are incredibly grate follow for his service above and beyond the call of duty. although we strongly disagree with his claims, which we will address through the legal process, we wish him success and good fortune in his endeavors. less than a month ago a scandal became a fund dz raising wind fall. that was a long time ago. today cain is not sure he can go on and wolf blitzer has the details. first, a u.s. district court judge in manhattan says no to a
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b big settlement. the judge rejected the $285 million settle saying it's pocket change to citigroup. and saying that the sec didn't do their best to find the truth. to the judge standing up to say it's not just about money but about taking responsibility, you judge, are today's rock star.
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it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? today, herman cain faces up to the damage done to his gop presidential campaign by weeks of explosive allegations. the latest you may have heard
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from a georgia woman who said she and cain had a consensual affair for 13 years. cain said that he's acquainted with ginger white but strongly denied an inappropriate relationship. he also said he was in the presidential race as long as my wife is behind me. now we're hearing something very different and wolf joins me from washington, d.c. with the latest on this. wolf, it seems like something new happens every day. where does the cain campaign stand at this hour? >> a different place where it stood yesterday because just a little while ago, a couple hours or so ago, herman cain had a conference call with his senior staff and base beingally said he was going to reassess in the coming days his whole campaign based on these latest allegations from the woman in george who claims she had a 13-year affair with herman cain, all of this coming on the heels of claims of sexual harassment
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in recent weeks. he says he wants to see how it plays out over the next few days, will the supporters stand by him? is his family okay with all of this? he's not going to talk about it any more, he's going to let lynne wood make any public statements on the alleged affair. he's going to go ahead with his schedule, although he's going to cut back and reassess his media appearances at least over the next few days. he obviously understands this is a very serious allegation and could undermine his race for the presidential nomination. just as he pointed out on this conference call, just as he reassessed his campaign earlier in recent months when there were s setbacks and couldn't raise enough money and lost the iowa straw poll in august, doing the same thing right now. we'll see where it stands. you're absolutely right though, randi, it's a marked contrast to what he said to me yesterday in the situation room when he was very, very insistent that he
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would continue his race for the republican nomination. >> he said absolutely to you he's not leaving the race. i'm curious, wolf, why announce you're reassessing. this is a conference call according to gloria borger with 90 people. is this part of the strategy to get the word out? >> i think he's trying to determine how much support he has from the core constituents or core supporters. are they going to believe this woman or him? what about the other women who made the accusations of sexual harassment. he's taking a close look. he did hint in the interview with me yesterday, that if he felt this were taking too much of a toll on his wife and family, he then might have to reconsider his race for the republican presidential nomination. he did hint that although he said he planned on move forward. he is going to give a speech in michigan that college there on national security and foreign policy. he is going to go ahead with the
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schedule but i don't think you're going to see him doing a whole lot of tv interviews as he reassesses whether or not to continue his race for the white house. >> that could take days from what i understand. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. fascinating interview with herman cain yesterday. we'll look for more on "the situation room" today. it is tyning and threatening to wipe out florida's palm trees. announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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michael jackson's doctor gets the maximum sentence. a short time ago the judge sentenced to murray to four
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years in prison and making him pay up in restitution. he said murray has absolutely no sense of remorse and calling the doctor a danger to the public. this follows his conviction of involuntary manslaughter three weeks ago. jackson's family watched nearby as murray learned his fate. >> the court has determined that the appropriate term is the high term of four years imprisonment. i do so because once again, i find that dr. murray abandoned his patient. >> let's get straight to our legal analyst, sunny hostin on trutv. what is your reaction to the sentence? do you agree with the judge? >> i do. i'm not surprised. i think he gave every indication of being someone that's tough on crime. remember, he immediately remanded dr. murray to prison to
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county jail right after the verdict came in. i think that was a shock to so many people, randi. but this was expected. he will get four years in prison. but i think it was sort of the scathing, scathing sentencing that i haven't seen for quite some time. he talked about dr. murray being a disgrace to the medical profession and talked about money for medicine madness that will not be tolerated by him. so something that i haven't seen in quite some time, a judge speaking to a defendant in this manner from the bench. it doesn't happen all the time. but certainly i was surprised at that. i was surprised at sort of the tone of his remarks. he also called it a horrific violation of trust. one thing that i also noticed randi, he talked about that tape recording, remember we heard that during the trial? he said the tape recording was dr. murray's insurance policy. that was shocking to me that he went that far in describing that
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tape recording. really quite a message sent from the bench today. >> we carried the sentence being live here on cnn. let's play a little bit of what judge michael pastor had to say. >> dr. murray created a set of circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine. the practice of propofol for medicine madness. >> sunny, he also talked about this web of deceit and lies. i do think that the fact that conrad murray never told the paramedics and the e.r. workers that he had given michael jackson the prop follow which they say killed him played a big part in the sentence, do you agree? >> this judge said that repeatedly, this web of lies did nothing more than help dr. conrad murray and was such a horrific violation of
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patient/physician privilege. he also took into account conrad murray's life before the case. he said he looked at the book of his life but the most important chapter was the chapter involving the death of michael jackson. this is a judge that i believe randi considered all of the circumstances, considered the prosecution's sentencing memo, considered the defense's recommendation and also considered the character witnesses we saw during the trial. but ultimately fell dr. conrad murray needed to spend at least the maximum amount of time in prison for this crime. >> so we know he sentenced him to four years but we also know he said from the bench that he doesn't have the authority to send him to state prison. how much time will he actually serve do you think? >> that's the question everyone is asking, how much time will he really get, even though he says i give you the maximum sentence. because of the realignment plan trying to alleviate the overcrowding in the prison system, dr. murray will serve probably half of his sentence in
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la county jail. and i believe that will probably translate into months as opposed to two years. remember what we saw with lindsay lohan and others that get sentenced to prison time, six months typically turns into 30 days. we're talking about two years, he gets 46 days for time served, credit for time served. i don't believe he will be in county jail for the full two years. it will be much less than that. >> i remember hearing katherine jackson say this doesn't bring my son back and it's very true even though she wanted aid harsher sentence, it doesn't do much for the family. >> thanks, randi. >> it is tiny and deadly and threatening to wipe out florida's palm trees. jamie joins me next to explain. if you've just signed up for medicare or will soon,
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this nasty bug is the source of the texas phoenix palm decline and could lay waste to palm trees across the state. bug does its damage by taking a bite out of the leaf and vomiting on it. the regurgitation carries deadly bacteria. officials say the disease has already killed thousands of palms in florida. joining us for more is jamie gurie. nice to have you on the show today. what can you tell us about this mystery bug? >> well, thanks so much for having me. to be honest, it's got everybody in the industry scratching their head. you know, the texas phoenix palm decline, it's a systemic disease and kills palms very very quickly. it's a little bit similar to the
1:23 pm
fug ar yan wilt that gets into a lot of phoenix palms and has had a devastating effect in australia, i remember many years ago it carrying 100-year-old palms and hundreds of them in one of their most prestigious parks in sydney. this is something that needs to be sort out and we need to find out which of the three bugs are transferring the disease and find a species immune to it. >> has this bug been around for a while or is it something new? >> it seems to be something fairly new although what i've read is that also the fug ar yan wilt is quite new in australia and more tropical countries, the wilt has been around for a long time and that's where the center crown of the palm actually
1:24 pm
starts to decay away and you know, within a matter of six months you have no head on the palm at all and it needs to be cut out and taken away. when you think about a place like florida, very very famous for their palms and you've got almost 8,000 palms that have been affected by the disease, it has a devastating effect to street side, not just the aesthetics but overall environment. >> can people spread this disease? can this bacteria get on to people and they carry it? >> they've nar rowed it down to a one of three feeding insects such as plant hoppers. there's got to be more work done until we actually get to a point where it is the exact species and then i guess the next part
1:25 pm
of the step is we've got to find out which species is immune to it and start the replanting process. but obviously, that's a very very expensive solution. at this stage, it seems to be the only one. and because it is a very very tough bacteria, it doesn't have a cell wall, it's making it very very hard to lock in on what disease this is and what species will become immune to it. at this stage it's just cut out the affected ones and get them far away and destroy the plant stock as possible and get the new stock in quickly and make sure it's immune to it. >> hopefully they'll figure out which one of these buggers is the culprit and save those
1:26 pm
beautiful palm trees in florida. you can watch jamie's show on sundays at 11:30 a.m. eastern on hgtv. herman cain back in the spotlight. this time an allegation of a 13-year extra marital affair, true or not, does this spell the end for his presidential run? it's fair game next. first, our political junkie question of the day, was the worst iowa caucus finish for any candidate that went on to win the nomination? tweelt me an answer and i'll give a shout out to the person who gets it first on the other side of the break. this new at&t 4g lte is fast. did you hear sam... promoted to director? so 12 seconds ago. we should get him a present. thanks for the gift basket. you're welcome. you're welcome. did you see hr just sent out new... rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake! there's some leftover cake. [ male announcer ] the new htc vivid.
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♪ >> before the break, i asked when candidate or candidates had the worst showing in the iowa caucuses and went on to win the party nomination, the answer is bill clinton in 1992 and john mccain 2008, both finished fourth in iowa. now a big shoutout to gsorensen for the answer. this is where we go to the heart of the political debate where all sides are fair game. today we're talking about the latest accusations against herman cain and cain's announcement that he's reassessing his presidential campaign. this is ginger white. she says she had a 13-year affair with cain that hended around the same time he decided to run for president. >> it was pretty simple. it wasn't complicated and i was aware that he was married.
1:30 pm
and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> cain has strongly denied he did anything wrong. joining me now is liz chatterden and ronbonjean. should he be announcing it's the end? >> you know, the sexual harassment allegations and the alleged affairs have become a distraction or side show to the whole republican primary. at first it drowned out everyone else's attempt to run an effective race on tv, now it's just -- it's just so identified with herman cain, it's going to be hard for him to separate himself from all of these allegations. whether or not they are true, it's like a massive spider web
1:31 pm
that he can't seem to get out of. i would be reassessing my campaign if i were him. >> before ginger white's story aired we had an interviewer with wolf blitzer and herman cain. i want to play a portion of that and we'll get more to it. >> are you worried this could further hurt new this republican race for the white house? >> i'm more worried this is going to hurt my wife and family because it's going to be proved that it was probably something else that was baseless. and the court of public opinion does not consider that when they want to pass that judgment. i can take the lumps. >> liz, what do you think? do you think he should have reassessed long ago? >> i think it probably would have been wiser for him to reassess a week or two ago as we began to see him fall and newt rise. i do think this is the end of herman cain. i think we're going to hear from him for another week, maybe two weeks because he's trying to get the book sales up. but other than that i think we've heard enough and heard the
1:32 pm
end of herman cain. >> ron, what do you think in terms of his supporters, if he did decide to drop out, we're not saying he has decided to, if he did, where would his supporters go? >> they are already starting to leave him. there's a recent poll that shows his support starting to slip away. i think they would probably end up going to newt gingrich. the tea party supporters have gone from bachmann to perry to cain and now it looks like they are headed to newt gingrich. he's leading in iowa and has a lot of momentum behind him. it looks like he's the one that will take on mitt romney. herman cain seems to be caught in political quick sand and there's no way out for him. >> liz, what do you think? >> i couldn't agree more. i mean, what's really fascinating about the republican primary season this year, there is a large chunk of the republican party, republican base, that just can't find a candidate. first bachmann, then perry, now
1:33 pm
cain now we're gingrich. it's fascinating and we're only about 35 days out from the iowa caucus and nobody knows what will happen. i do think herman cain's roller coaster ride is coming to an end. >> one of things they are say they are reassessing during next few days, they'll look at fundraising. after the first allegations came out, he brought in a lot of money online and elsewhere to his campaign. do you expect, ron, that would happen now or is this a different story? >> i think it's a different story. before we didn't have names or faces. we had charges that were anonymous and that fed a whole conspiracyial theory that herman cain was being framed. there were a number of donations brought into cain's campaign. he was making millions of off of
1:34 pm
this. when you see support in polling go away, you will see the fu fundraising drop. >> what about ginger white's credibility, she filed for bankruptcy, does that play a role here at all? >> it certainly says ginger white may not be the most credible of people, however, i think what she's saying is probably true since my goodness, she is the fourth or fifth one to come out with these types of allegations. it's not about her, it's about herman cain and his character and whether or not he's ready to be president of the united states. i think the american people are about to say, he's not the best choice. >> we'll see what happens as he reassesses, thank you so much. that is fair game. more than 30 years ago angry students in the middle eastern country invaded a western embassy. we were reminded of that today when a similar incident took place in the same country. do you know what country we're talking about?
1:35 pm
the answer is next. first, an offer of amnesty in yemen, during the deadly uprising in his country, a good offer, don't you think? the problem is he's not the president anymore and handed over power to his vice president last week. this video of him signing the paper so he should know. for the man who doesn't know when you're done, your 15 minutes are up. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk.
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let's go globe trekking to iran. that's a tough one to say some days. students stormed the british embassy today. citing international concerns about its nuclear program, cnn is on the phone from the iranian capital. shirzad, this is frighteningly reminiscent of the raid in tehran. set this up for us a by. how did this happen? >> two days ago the iranian students issued a statement saying that they will demonstrate against britain and the policies towards iran. today it happened at 2:00 p.m. local time early afternoon. it's about 1,000 iranian students demonstrated chanting anti-british and anti-american slogans. after about an hour of speeches and chants and slogans, they
1:39 pm
rushed the gates and despite the presence of about 50 policemen right in front of the gate, they managed to climb the wall at the embassy and then enter the compound. whereupon they went into the offices and brought out the documents and set them on fire and put them away. they brought down the flag of the united kingdom and hoisted the iranian flag and burned the british flag. and then police went after this but did not succeed in getting him out. this went on for about two more hours and then they went for evening prayers. and then came back again and enter the embassy again. about an hour ago, after about six or seven hours of demonstrations, finally the police chief, gave a stern ultimate up managed to get them out. >> the students are gone from the embassy now? is that the status? >> i'm sorry. >> the students are gone from
1:40 pm
the embassy, are they still there? >> they have left the embassy and they have leave the compound in north tehran, 200 students that occupied that as well. they have left that as well. there are no students left in either in north tehran or downtown tehran compound. >> how are the embassy personnel doing? >> i didn't see embassy personnel when i was there, but then later on i had a report from one of the news agencies here that six of them had been kept kind of by the students at the north tehran compound which were released by the police once the police got all of the students and made them to leave the compound. >> shirzad, thank you very much for the update. the pictures are compelling. here's a question for you, do you have the aids virus? many who do do not have it under control. results of a new cdc study right after this break.
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there is any alarming report about aids. three out of four of those living with aids do not have the disease under control. this comes four days before world aids day on thursday. elizabeth cohen, nice to see you. there are these great drugs out there to treat hiv. why are so many people having a hard time controlling it. >> i'll tell you, i was hear at cnn when those came out in the mid-90s and they were such a miracle and this means everybody patient with hiv will get their infection under control, 15 years later what we're seeing is that that is not really true. there's a whole lot of reasons for that. i'm going to show you and break it down for you why hiv is so
1:45 pm
not under control for so many people. all right, let's take 100 people living with hiv. only 80 are even aware they have hiv. the other 20 are walking around unaware. out of those 80, only 62 are linked to hiv care. the others aren't getting care. out of those 62, only 41 stay in that hiv care. you see the numbers are getting smaller and smaller. of those 41, only 36 are getting the anti-retroviral therapy. then out of that number. only 28 have the virus very low elements in their body. you can see the number gets smaller and smaller. >> it is, have certainly isn't the direction we want to be going in. >> we were on the phone with anthony at the nih, he said this is not good, this is not a good number. >> this isn't just about protecting and helping people who are sick but helping others. >> right, if you do not have that virus under control in your
1:46 pm
body, that means that you can spread it. that's why these drugs are great. if you're taking drugs and suppressed that viral load in your body, you're like 95%, the chances that you're not going to transmit it are huge. so you're taking it not just for yourself but for your sexual partners. >> what about the solution? how will they get this under control? >> a lot of the solution is people need to get tested. if you have lots of sexual partners, get tested. if you're a gay or by sexual man, get tested. if you go to, we'll link you up with places to get free hiv testing. that's the first step. if you don't know you have it, can't get the drugs. >> it's 2011 and there are those still living with it and don't know it. >> i think the cdc is trying to do a better job for certain populations, they've come up with a certain plan for
1:47 pm
african-american and gay and bisexual men. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you for the update. if you're shopping for the holiday, crowds may be least of your problems, how someone or something may be following your every move and how one politician is trying to put a stop to it. wer cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power, today.
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welcome back. let's check stories making
1:50 pm
headlines from street level to shopping malls under fire from a new york senator tracking the c phones of shoppers. a mall in california monitored signals from shoppers' phones on black friday to learn about their shopping patterns. the company says no personal data was collected but new york senator charles schumer says it raises privacy concerns. now to san francisco where a firefighter and former marine is fighting for his life after being intentionally hit by a car. albert bartal is in critical condition. he had just finished a late night shift on thanksgiving night when he got into an argument with another man at a fast food restaurant.
1:51 pm
the man followed him and hit him with the car. the indiana school district has been sued for the second time in a week for bullying. a freshman who committed suicide says that the school did not do enough to protect their son. another family sued saying that their son was stabbed and choked by bullies. now to cape cod, massachusetts where a family says their dead son's identity was stolen by a tax cheat. someone claiming their 16-year-old as a dependent even though he had died last year. >> it's hard enough to, you know, suffer the loss of your child and then go through the grieving process and to have something like this suddenly pressed upon you and then you think it may be a mistake. >> my first thought was, is it someone we know, someone local in the community and then not realizing that it's prevalent in the country. a lawsuit in newark, new jersey, is raising serious
1:52 pm
questions about health care workers and their right to refuse care for a patient based on moral objections. 12 nurses are suing the university of medicine for their right to care for abortion patients. they changed a policy essentially requiring nurses to care for abortion patients before and after that procedure. the hospital says they are nurses. it's their job and they are not directly involved in the actual abortion. but the nurses claim it's their moral and legal right to choose and refuse. attorney dmitry joins us and also peter callahan. according to the hospital, these nurses are not actually involved in the abortion procedure. so what is the objection?
1:53 pm
>> well, they are. they are involved in the procedure. each one of these patients comes into the hospital in order to do a determination of pregnancy. it's a tlp, it's called. and they assist in every stage with this tlp and they are being forced to do so. i had one of my clients tell me that their supervisor told them, don't worry, you're just going to catch the head. and don't worry, the babies are already dead. if that's not assisting in an abortion, i don't know what is. >> well, i want to read you the latest statement that we got from the hospital. it says, "no nurse is compelled to have direct involvement in a procedure to which she or he objects based on his or her cultural values and ethics and we've been operating in full compliance with the federal and state law. so, paul, what does the federal and state law actually say about this? >> well, it's fascinating, randi, there's a 1974 church amendment and the high weldon
1:54 pm
conscience amendment and what it all boils down to is this. the university hospital is getting over $60 million in federal funding and it could be in jeopardy if they are in violation of law and the nurses are saying that basically they are not being asked to assist in an actual abortion procedure but to take care of patients before owe after the abortions and that that violates there's conscience and federal law. and it really comes down to a question of, where do you draw the line on this. if a federal judge looks at this and says, it's a big hospital, there are lots of nurses, maybe you can set it up so they don't have to have any contact from anybody that is getting an abortion procedure, or being there before or after, it's assisting. it's going to come down to the interpretation of the phraseology in the statutes. >> i'm glad you mentioned, where do you draw the line? a lot of us talking about this
1:55 pm
case, we're wondering, where do you draw the line? there's a lot of procedures out there that nurses, maybe even these nurses would object to them. how do they deal with dealing with a gay patient who maybe has aids or a stem cell patient if they don't agree with that or a single woman or lesbian woman who has had inveto fertilization. i mean, where does it end? >> that's not the each here. there's a law on point that says a person cannot be forced to assist or perform in an abortion. and it's the abortion that is at issue here. it's simply an abortion. and my clients are against an abortion and they have the right and they are protected under the law to say no, they can't be forced to do these things. >> aren't you at all concerned that this may set a precedence? >> well, what's interesting is, the hospital up until now was actually performing all of these tlps and none of my clients were
1:56 pm
forced to do this, not until october of this past year, just a few weeks ago they were being forced and threatened with determination if they didn't do this against their spiritual and extremely closely held beliefs. >> paul, where do we draw these lines? where do you draw the line between the nurses duty to care for patients and their right to refuse? >> well, it's a difficult question but hospitals and courts across america have been successfully drawing this line in a variety of other situations and obviously many people have nonmainstream religious beliefs. opposition to apportion is certainly a mainstream belief in america among other issues but, for instance, i'm in a courthouse here in new york city and there's an orthodox jewish attorney who is and we're going to ajorn at 3:00 on friday because of sun down. the court will honor that belief
1:57 pm
because it finds that it's not overly disruptive and there are other ways to manage the court case. sim layerly, similarly, hospitals have found ways to do this. they can fully staff the procedures. if you had a small rural hospital where there were only one or two nurses, then the think the court would really have a tough time drawing the line. >> yeah. >> so there's a line to be drawn, but i don't think it's a hard one to figure out in this case. i think these nurses may -- they may have a point here if in fact the hospital is not allowing them to observe their religious beliefs. >> well, we will continue to watch it and follow how it plays out. thank you both. and now we want to check in with mark preston. mark, apparently it's a day of endorsements, i guess, for the republican candidates, or some of them? >> it certainly is. randi, it isn't just about the
1:58 pm
controversy surrounding herman cain. a couple big endorsements made for two other republican presidential candidates. mitt romney down in florida got the endorsement of three very prominent cubans down there. two of them are current lawmakers. representative mary diaz and former congressman lincoln diaz ballard. this is very important in the republican nomination held on january 31st. so the fact that mitt romney is getting the support of these three lawmakers down in florida where cubans tend to be more conservative and congregate down in the south florida area, that is very big news for him. >> yeah. what about rick perry? who was he chumming around with today? >> well, he is in new hampshire with none other than sheriff joe, sheriff joe arpaio. people know him specifically for
1:59 pm
his tough stance on crime, particularly, illegal immigration. of course, we all know that rick perry has really had to suffer the wrath of the criticism from some republicans who say that he is too soft on illegal immigration but when sheriff joe was up there today, he stood strongly behind governor perry. in fact, this is what he had to say. >> i don't know the government much. i've talked to him a few times. but to me is a an honorable, ethical person, with a great family. we need that, too, in washington. he's a fighter. i'm here to lend all my support to ensure that he becomes president of the united states. >> so you know what's interesting about that, he says he doesn't really know him personally but he thinks that he is the right person to be president of the united states. perhaps giving the cover that governor perry has needed regarding his stand on illegal
2:00 pm
immigration. so there you go. two big endorsements for mitt romney. three endorsements for mitt romney and one big endorsement for governor perry. of course, this is all being surrounded by what is going on with herman cain today. >> mark preston, thank you. thank you everybody for watching. continue the conversation on twitter or facebook. hi, brooke. >> randi, have a great rest of your day. hello to all of you. i'm brooke baldwin. as always, let's go to rapid fire, let's go. let's begin with herman cain. his white house hopes in serious trouble today. the republican presidential candidate is reassessing his campaign. that decision comes after reportedly he had an affair with an atlanta woman. he says she was a friend, nothing more than that. cain says that he is concerned about his family.
2:01 pm
>> the thing that i'm worried about is the impact it's going to have on my wife and my family because they should not be subjected to false accusations that cannot be proved. >> just a couple weeks ago two women publicly accused cain of sexual harassment. he has strongly denied those allegations and wolf blitzer will be joining me in minutes. also, vice president biden is in baghdad. the troops' service there is coming to an end. the vice president's arrival in baghdad was not announced. nearly all u.s. troops are scheduled to with draw from baghdad by the end of this year. and a judge today throws the book at michael jackson's doctor. conrad murray is sentenced to four years in jail for the death
2:02 pm
of michael jackson. he called him a danger to the public. >> dr. murray created a set of circumstances and became involved in a cycle of horrible medicine. the practice of propofol for medicine madness. >> the judge also ordered murray to pay restitution to jackson's estate and to his children. that amount will be determined at a later time. 35 years after he went missing, john wayne gacy's victim identified. his family has always believed he was one of gacy's 33 victims. and now the dna tests have proven that. seven other victims are identified. >> an american man held in the disappearance of an american woman in aruba is set to walk free in a matter of hours. gary g gary giordano was behind bars
2:03 pm
for four months. prosecutors are appeal the judge's decision to release him. but giordano will probably be back in the u.s. by them. patriceoneal has died. he is diabetic and suffered a stroke last month. patrice was 41 years old. voting all across egypt. voters stood in line for hours and hours. casting votes for parliamentary seats. the election is not slated until next june. this is the first time that egyptians have ever voted in their lifetimes. hosni mubarak was ousted in that revolt. a florida mother who up and vanished after appearing on "the people's court". >> after numerous tips and
2:04 pm
investigative leads, we are officially naming dale smith, the ex-fiance, as the primary suspect in the disappearance of michelle parker. >> they appeared together on "the people's court" on the day she disappeared. although smith is the only prime suspect named by the police, he is not charged with any crime. more fallout from the super committee's inability to reach a deal. the credit outlook was moved from stable to negative. agency analysts say if lawmakers cannot agree on some kind of deficit reduction plan during the course of the next two years, the u.s. credit rating will be downgraded from aaa. >> despite bad news, the american consumer is back. a record 226 million of us went on a bit of a buying binge over the past thanksgiving weekend spending more than $52 billion.
2:05 pm
that is a huge 16% increase from last year. retailers obviously eager to see if it springs a shopping season ahead or if it's a temporary search for the bargains. >> big news from the nfl today. major changes for the struggling jacksonville jaguars. this man here, coach jack dell rio, he's out, fired after nine seasons with the jaguars. this is after the jaguars failed to reach the playoffs on sunday. also, the team owner today announced he is selling but we're told the team will stay in jacksonville. and you probably use facebook, right? well, soon you'll be able to own just a piece of it. "the wall street journal" is reporting today that they may go public between june of next year and the ipo would be valued at a whopping $100 billion. also, facebook would possibly sell about $10 billion worth of shares. also, today, facebook settled
2:06 pm
with a federal trade commission saying that private information was made public. facebook has agreed to go through a privacy audit every two years for the next 20 years. and six minutes in, we've got a lot more for you during the next two hours, including this -- $100 million. that's a lot of money. these three guys just hit the jackpot. so what if they seem happier? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. the most popular prescription drug in america is about to go generic. >> i trust my heart to lipitor. >> and while that may seem like good news for your bottom line, the pharmaceutical industry may be forced to change the way it does business. >> our board felt that the best decision was to present a full restructuring of the company to make us more competitive and
2:07 pm
successful for the long term. >> american airlines files for bankruptcy just before the holiday season. so how will this news affect your travel plans? where's the best place to live in the world? it's not here. i mean, where would you park. plus, look who's hitting the road for rick perry. >> i'm here to lend my support to ensure that he becomes president of the united states. >> the news is now. ♪ sen♪ co-signed her credit card - "buy books, not beer!" ♪ ♪ut the second at she shut the door ♪ ♪ girl started blowing up their credit score ♪ ♪ she bought a pizza party for the whole dorm floor ♪ ♪ hundred pounds of makeup at the makeup store ♪ ♪ and a ticket down to spring break in mexico ♪ ♪ but her folks didn't know 'cause her folks didn't go ♪ ♪ to free-credit-score-dot-com hard times for daddy and mom. ♪
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u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. presidential candidate
2:10 pm
herman cain reassessing his campaign and will say whether he's in or he's out in the next couple of days. all of this comes after a woman is claiming that she had a 13-year affair with him. wolf blitzer joining us for our american choice politics update. minutes before that news broke, you talked to him about that. first, the news. this word "reassess," what exactly does that mean? >> well, it's not 100% clear but what he told his campaign staff on this conference call earlier, he wants to reassess what's going on right now in the aftermath of this accusation of this woman in atlanta that they had a 13-year affair. but he said just as he reassessed his campaign in iowa after the straw poll fundraising
2:11 pm
disabilities, if you will, he reassessed his options then. he is going to let the dust settle, see if his supporters will be with him and see what plays out and then he will make a decision whether to go forward. but he left the decision, at least for now, that he was going to continue but it was going to be touch and go over the next few days, what would happen next. >> okay. let's go back to last night when the news broke. this woman from atlanta comes forward accusing him of carrying on this nearly 14-year affair with her. she also said these phone records are in fact from herman cain, as recently as september. first, here is ginger white. >> we never worked together and i can't imagine anyone phoning or texting me for the last 2 1/2 years just because. >> and now i want to play some of the interview with you, wolf. this is herman cain saying, yes, he knew her but he absolutely denied having an affair with
2:12 pm
her. >> i acknowledge that i knew the woman. i acknowledge that i've known her for about that period of time but the accusation that i had a 13-year affair with her, no. >> so, again, wolf, this is another one of those he said/she said situations. you asked him three different times if in fact herman cain would drop out of the race. what was his ultimate response to you? >> he said he would not drop out of the race but there was a caveat and on the second or third time that i raised the question for him on different forums, he said, look, if it takes too much of a toll on my wife and my family, then i would. he said he was determined to campaign as long as he had the support from his family, which was uppermost in his mind and his wife then he would go forward but he did leave the door open that he would drop out if it was simply too difficult for his family to continue. >> he did leave that door open.
2:13 pm
and then he talked about reassessing the campaign. wolf, does this sound like the herman cain that you spoke to a couple days ago? >> he didn't say anything about reassessing where he stands, didn't give any earlier examples of down moments in his campaign when he didn't know if he could go forward. look, he's telling the staff, they are going to give a big national security speech in michigan. they are going to go ahead with the schedule. he's not going to do a lot of media and he's not going to talk about this. and he made the point in the conference call that if the media has questions about his alleged affair, they should call his attorney in atlanta. he's not going to discuss it anymore. he said he's made his position abundantly clear and he wants to move on. >> all right. we'll be watching and see what happens in the course of the next couple of days.
2:14 pm
meanwhile, a violation of possible international law. the british embassy in iran stormed by iranian student. find out why this happened and now what's being done about it. plus, two old football rivals get into this knockdown, drag out canes included, caught on camera. folks, these are guys in their 70s. and sometimes you just have to let the pictures speak for themselves. look at this with me. yep, you get it. families in arizona get a chance to take a picture with santa claus and very big guns. that story, next.
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
the diplomatic faceoff between britain and iran got pretty ugly.
2:17 pm
students in iran stormed the embassy. they threw stones at the building, broke down the front door, iran's foreign ministry is expressing regret. just two days ago, iran's parliament voted to expel the ambassador and cut all financial ties with iran after growing international concerns about its nuclear program. and this next story, i want you to send me a tweet. let me know what you think about this. this is the holiday gift for gun lovers. when you get to meet good old santa, the gun club says, quote, get your holiday picture with santa and his machine guns and it's coming up this saturday, december 10th. and customers have a choice to pose with pistols, modified assault rifles. our affiliate said that more than 200 people lined up for a chance to pose with this santa
2:18 pm
claus. tweet me. forget swimming with the sharks for a thrill. how about flying with the jets. look at this. you see this small body there, farthest away? this is a guy soaring with the jets. this is a real-live jet man. he's world renowned for his aerial stunts. this is over the beautiful alps. the jet bag he uses has four engines. i think i'd want more than that. he first jumped out of a helicopter, did air acrobatics, parachuted down. previous stupts, flying the english channel and hurdling over the grand canyon. that wins it to me. an alumni luncheon turns into a fist-flying cane swinging brawl. yes, cane swinging among two and
2:19 pm
i was running this morning and almost fell off my treadmill. you see this guy with a flower. >> yes. you go to a football lun chon and a hockey game breaks out. >> yeah. >> this is a rivalry. >> a grudge. >> from 1963. these two men were on opposite sides of the gray cup, which is canada's super bowl. one man takes a cut at the wide receiver and puts him down for the rest of the game and the quarterback isn't very happy. these two guys -- >> that was 48 years og? >> 48 years ago. and they took it out on each other this weekend in vancouver.
2:20 pm
and not just canes. but prong canes. >> former quarterback for the lions, former defensive tackle for the tiger accounts cats. and if you watch this, the guy on the left grabs flower, shoves it up the other guys nose and -- >> there's the flower. >> yep. and the other guy says, i don't think so. canes started flying and glasses go. >> now, you have to understand, test test ron decreases as you get older. these guys must have had a lot years ago. the top prescription on the market right now, lipitor. complete changes and what you need to know about the future of the drug. stay with us. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain.
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it is the pill with the pedigree and tomorrow it goes generic. lipitor is the best selling drug and pfizer is losing the patent protection on the drug that lowers the cha lowers cholesterol. this has to be fantastic for people who take lipitor because it's a cheaper version of the drug, right? >> yes. you could see up to 80% off in some cases, especially since this is the biggest seller of brand-name drugs. they are actually going off patent and the chief medical officer of medco told us what all of this really means.
2:25 pm
>> the average person with diabetes, if you think about lowering the out of pocket costs, even across all of their medicines, savings really add up for the consumer. >> the people who use these drugs will see the savings almost immediately. most prescriptions have a generic in place but with lipitor you may be able to go to medco and lower co-pays on the brand names. if you're in this situation, you should check your plan to see which is the cheaper option. >> of course. of course. but to his point, 10 to $20. that adds up. good news for users and what about the drug industry? >> yeah. well, you know what, they call it the patent cliff for a
2:26 pm
reason. you have the sales, coasting along and then bam, overnight, poof, 90% is gone and for decades in the past companies had a drug waiting in the wing and it's leading one expert to say that this is devastating to the american medical innovation itself. >> 3,000 people should down facilities and then recover. so what's going to happen is we're going to contract out our work. first the camera and then the biology and then they will say, what do we need those guys for and if we are lucky we'll get what they are going to get. now, there is something and 41,000 employees since 2005 and
2:27 pm
plans to cut 17,000 more. it opened operations in shanghai in 2005 and opened up another r and d facility. you can see how the consolidation can happen as consumers are helped out by the cost of these medications. brooke? >> alison, random question. do you play the lottery? >> i do. but not lately. no. >> i know they say you have to play to win. these three investment bankers win a jack cot, $204 million. alas, there are new reports out that they are just a front for a mysterious client. you're talking about it. this story is trending this hour. also, a pretty bizarre way to save glaciers from peru and are turning these mountains white. e, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps.
2:28 pm
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today we're going globe
2:31 pm
trekking. we're going to south america to peru and a bit of a do it yourself approach. crews are turning these brown mountains white just to try to save these glaciers. >> reporter: hi in the peruvian andies where little vegetation grows, life depends on one animal, the alpaca. but in recent years raising them has become a greater challenge. mountains covered with ice are now barron no ice means no water and that means no grass to feed the animals. so how much have glasiers disappeared when you think about when you were a little kid compared to now? >> translator: the difference is that when i was a little boy, the mountain tops were white with snow and ice.
2:32 pm
but as you can see, they now look black. that's the difference. a stranger arrives bringing hope. eduardo is the foundation of the gold idea. if mountains absorb more heat from the son, white mountains will have the opposite effect. the solution is to make them white. >> so any point farenheit degree is at the very dark rock. >> let's look at what happens when you point it against the rocks that haven't painted. >> a thermometer shows quite a bit of difference in the white and dark rocks.
2:33 pm
>> this is the difference between 30 degrees farenheit, about ten or 12 celsius. >> a crew of five go around the mountains with a mixture that turns the rocks white. it's a combination of water, sand, and lime. 2% of soap is added and makes the mixture stick to the rock and waterproof as it dries off. this is an experiment. it may or may not work. or it may work a little. doing something about it is better than nothing at all. >> reporter: and it seems to be working. he finds ice in the crevice between the rocks, something that the locals say wasn't there before. >> translator: we had very little water. the difference this year, since we have white in the mountain, is that there is water. as you can see down there, there is a well with plenty of water and down the hill we have even more. >> reporter: glaciers are not
2:34 pm
only important, water flows through streams and rivers in downhill valleys. they also cool down the temperature. so far the crew has covered an area of roughly 15,000 you meters, the size of three football fields, still too small to determine if it will help in the long term. the goal is to cover more than 500,000 football fields. for that, he would need about $1.5 million spread over five years. >> i was just writing that down because i couldn't believe it. 500,000 football fields? >> that's right. >> that is a tremendous amount of space. looking at it, i guess it was the lime and the soap and the water, it's sort of starting to work? >> it is working. ilts incredible. the first thing i did when i got there was touch the rocks. and the difference between the white rocks and dark rocks is incredible. i said, maybe it's just me. >> what's the difference?
2:35 pm
>> picture a day, a perfect day here in atlanta at 72 degrees and then another day at roughly 40. that difference in temperature, you can feel it on the rocks and that's what is making the difference in this project. >> so how long, how long will they have to do this before ultimately i guess the goal is to cover it entirely with ice? >> i guess the question is not necessarily how long but how much. >> how much. >> right now they only have a space of about three football fields, which is very, very small to be able to say that the theory actually works. so he needs to cover much more ground to say, hey, it actually works. it's an experiment, but at least it works. we're not standing by and watching these glaciers disappear. >> it's so fascinating all at once. so jealous by your peruvian trip, by the way.
2:36 pm
>> thank you. and, now, big developments in the syracuse child sex abuse allegations. the syracuse department has released the timeline on the allegations there. also, look at this video. this is a parking lot. yeah, this guy is having a little trouble coming and going. this is a parking lot in china. the story line behind these images coming up. but, first, great schools, excellent climates, why some cities are officially the best places to live in the world. the quality of life survey of the top 50 cities, worldwide, here are the top five. you have vancouver, canada, du schl seldorf, verm kngermany. and munich. and then auckland.
2:37 pm
what are the top two? after the break. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't.
2:38 pm
2:39 pm
back to where we left off. we were listing the best quality places to live. number five, dusseldorf and vancouver, number four, munich, number three, auckland, number two, zurich, and number one,
2:40 pm
vienna. and now this. we've shown you drivers smashing into the sides of a parking level several floors up. they now have plenty of space. we want to bring to you the world's most crowded parking lot where they have very little room to park. let's pull this up. this is normal parking this china. do you see room between the bumper? i see like maybe mere inches. so with just about 500 feet to park, if you're car is in the front, behind, you break down, what do you do? incredibly enough, a parking attendant said that they've only had one accident in a year. syracuse basketball will
2:41 pm
take the home court advantage for the first game in 35 years without bernie fine on the coaching staff. the university fired fine after the world heard a secretly recorded conversation between his wife and bobby davis, one of these three men coming forward accusing fine of abuse. espn actually had the recording for eight years but didn't release it until a second accuser, his step brother, mike lang, came forward. defending the network's decision not to release the tape back in 2003, this is what it says, it is not necessarily the journalist's role to go to the police with potential evidence that at the time we didn't report was strong enough to support ourselves. and back to an audiotape. lori fine says she not only knew her husband had molested davis when he was just a boy, but also allowed it to go on.
2:42 pm
here is that audiotape. again, courtesy of espn. >> i know everything that went on with him. i know everything that went on with him. bernie has issues. maybe that he's not aware of but he has issues. and you trusted somebody you shouldn't have. >> yeah. >> bernie is also in denial. i think that he did the things he did, but he's somehow through his own mental telepat three and he said when he knocked on the fine's front door, i'm gary tuchman. are you going to make a statement? >> not today. >> was that tape misinterpreted,
2:43 pm
though? >> gary tuchman there. bernie fine is facing a second police investigation in bi pittsburgh. a third accuser says that fine molested him in a pittsburgh bathroom in 2002. but thomas faces sex abuse charges all on his own and his father calls him a liar. bernie fine has not been charged with anything and calls these charges patently false. let's go live to ed at syracuse university. taking quite a bit of heat over how they are handled the abuse case, compelled to issue a detailed statement about about that. >> reporter: brooke, there's been a lot of confusion as to who knew what and at what point? obviously there's been several different moving parts of this. the syracuse police department releasing a long statement today kind of detailing the history as
2:44 pm
they see it as what went on in this case. they pointed back initially the headline of everything is that no formal investigation was ever carried out. they say that they got a phone call from a friend of bobby davis, the principle accuser in this case, and that they had only spoken to him over the phone and at the time, the police chief said that a formal investigation would not be initiated unless that victim came in and met with the detectives, by apparently he never did or if he was able to provide names of other victims. none of that happened and all of that language wished after that. there was no formal investigation. interestingly enough, the police chief at the time by the name of duval played basketball and a tremendous player for syracuse back in the 1970s, just before bernie mine was hired on. that's kind of the interesting background there.
2:45 pm
we tried to track him down today. we found his house and we were told that he wasn't there and to never come back. so, brooke, a lot of confusion. and the other confusing part about all of this as well -- >> yeah. >> reporter: in 2005, three years later, the university held its own investigation but according to the university it never turned over any of that information to police as well. >> what about the team itself? head coach tim bay him we know thus far he's only issued a statement since fine was fired, strong support on behalf of the assistant coach. after tonight's game, any indication that he will speak? le break his silence? >> reporter: well, this is interesting. the legendary coach here of the syracuse university basketball team lives directly across the street from bernie fine. we've seen coach boeheim coming and going.
2:46 pm
just before this broke, he was very much supporting his assistant coach. listen to what he told us that day. >> i've been friends for 50 years with coach fine and that buys a lot of royalty for me. >> reporter: and, brooke, we expect him to hold another post game conference. whether or not he will take questions, we'll have to wait and see. coach boeheim, from what i've seen, is not anyone to shy away and that's not his reputation in the sports world. so i imagine he will get peppered with more questions as the intensity of this story has increased since the last time he spoke after a game. broo brooke? >> he had lavandera, thank you. the man accused of
2:47 pm
slaughtering men and women and children will not go to prison. he will likely spend the rest of his life in a mental hospital. we will take a look at that case as it broke on this show not too long ago. two minutes away. keep it here. your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! your new progresso rich & hearty steak burger soup. [ dad ] i love this new soup. it's his two favorite things in one... burgers and soup. did you hear him honey? burgers and soup. love you. they're cute. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 there are atm fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 account service fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and the most dreaded fees of all, hidden fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, you won't pay fees on top of fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no monthly account service fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no hidden fees.
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this man will not go to prison. he's the norwegian man, the only suspect in that one-day violent spree in july that killed nearly
2:50 pm
80 people. first there was the bomb that went off in central oslow. he then reportedly drove to this youth camp on this island, just outside the city and dressed as a police officer and opened fire on a crowd and killed 69 people. most of them dean agers. here is why he will not go to prison. according to authorities in norway today, a panel claims that he is insane and under norwegian law, that means he cannot be sent to prison. i want you to watch this. this is a look at the day that this all happened, the day back in july right here on this program when the horrific details were still coming into me live at the cnn "newsroom." running scared after the explosion took out the windows of several government buildings there. inside one of those buildings
2:51 pm
was the prime minister's office. we are being told that he was not there at the time that the bomb went off but as of this very second, at 40 people dead, many as i mentioned still trapped and many are calling it a terrible day for norway and then, hours later, a person dresses up as a policeman, walks into this youth camp attended by 700 people and at least nine people are dead, according to police. police also say that the same person detained into that youth attack was seen at the same time as the oslow attack. we certainly didn't know the death toll at that time but police brought him back to the
2:52 pm
island to reenact the shooting that he confessed to. watch that. anders was taken back there for the reenactment. there he is in that red sweater we see him wearing this the bulletproof vest and a harness that tethers him to the other officers. they were afraid that he would try to escape or hurt himself. also, armed officers were out in the water. this whole reenactment took eight hours. police did say that ande anders breivik may be in a mental hospital for the rest of his life. the trial is tentatively set for april.
2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
there is an issue here. there are reporters saying that these men are covering for the real winner. we'll dig into that story for you. also, presidential candidate herman cain is quote, unquote, reassessing continuing with the campaign now that adultery has involved a couple of women. those stories coming up in 60 seconds. be right back.
2:55 pm
we have new video for you of the president speaking at the white house about the iranian students who attacked the
2:56 pm
embassy. >> the thrashing of the u.s. embassy in iran, that kind of behavior is not acceptable and i strongly urge the iranian government to hold those who are responsible to task. they have a responsibility to protect diplomatic outposts. that is a basic, international obligation that all countries need to observe and for rioters essentially to be able to overrun the embassy and set it on fire is an indication that the iranian government is not taking its international obligations seriously. and so obviously we are deeply concerned about that situation and we expect to see some sort of definitive action sometime very quickly. overall, though, i'm pleased to say that the relationship between our two countries is extremely strong, reflected not only in the relationship between our governments but also the people to people context.
2:57 pm
and i'm hoping that -- >> and that was the president speaking. again, just a little bit of context. last week britain cut financial ties with iran over the growing concerns about iran's nuclear program and then iran voted to expel the british ambassador. all right. everybody loves rags to riches stories. but riches to riches? these men just claimed the state's biggest lottery prize ever. apparently they could have gotten $254 million if they got the multihere payment but they got the one-time payment which equals out to about $103 million. not too bad. there are some reports that these men are not the real winners. a family friend of one of the men is that their client is the
2:58 pm
actual winner but the three were sent out as the front because they didn't want to deal with the hassle. they seemed a little uncomfortable at the press conference yesterday. in fact, didn't say much. >> so i'm greg skidmoore and brandon and to his right is tim davidson and we're the trustees. >> yee-haw. >> thank you. >> it feels good. >> he said, it feels good. need i say more? the games control board, buddy, question number one, if i win the lottery, i'm absolutely required to come forward, show my face, come to the news conference and walk away from the conference with that big check? >> states are different. the interesting thing in d.c., we have the option, we tell you on the back of the ticket, to go
2:59 pm
public with your name. we would have the right to go public. in maryland, where i was once lottery director, in fact, the winner can remain anonymous. so every state has a different standard. there's no national standard. >> so this sort of -- a bunch of us started discussing this this morning. are you telling me no matter what state you're in, when you're buying that lotto ticket, you should read the fine print? >> read the fine print. lotteries want to do best for their winners. number one, they want to get publicity. we sell more tickets as a result. but we don't want a winner who is absolutely adamant about not going forward to come 2350rd. that would obviously be a problem. in this case in connecticut, it's interesting, it appears that they might be trying to set up a trust. we had $140 million winner in powerball a couple of years ago in d.c. and the winner want d to remain anonymous and set up an l.l.c corporation and that's how the money was delivered to that particular winner. >> huh. so quickly, 20 second


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